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The Rightly-Guided Caliphs

The word `Caliph' is the English form of the Arabic word 'khalifah', which is short for Khalifatu Rasulil-lah. The latter expression means Successor to the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him). The title ` Khlalifatu Rasulil-lah' was first used for Abu Bakr, who was elected head of the Muslim community after the death of the Prophet.

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Imam Bukhari (194 - 265)

biography of imam bukhari

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10 Best Islamic Historical Movies

Islamic Historical Movies

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কোরান ও হাদীসের দৃষ্টিকোনে ১৫ শাবান(শবে বরাত)

আসুন জেনে নেই - কোরান ও হাদীসের দৃষ্টিকোনে ১৫ শাবান(শবে বরাত)

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ACT Mosques & Centres

Mosque, Musallah location at Canberra/ACT

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