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The Second Pillar of Islam | Salaat guide


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Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) said “Pray as you have seen me praying”



The conditions of Salaat

  • Acceptance of Islamic Faith - The one who believes in Allah is required to perform Salaat.
  • Niyyat - Intention in one’s heart to perform a particular prayer.
  • Cleanliness - This includes cleanliness of the worn clothes, the place of prayer and the body.
  • Purification - Performing Wudhu (ablution) before undertaking Salaat.
  • Concealing the body - A man’s body must be covered between the navel and the knees and also the shoulders. Women must be clothed fully with opaque covering, revealing no shape of figure or hair at all.
  • Facing the Qiblah - One must face the sacred Mosque of Makkah to pray. If the direction is unknown, it can be guessed and the prayer will be accepted, insh’Allah (“if Allah wills it so”).
  • Observed times of performing Salaat - Prayers are to be observed at the prescribed times.
  • Neglected Prayers - Salaat that is forgotten must be done even when late (“Kadaah”), the longer one leaves it the more the reward of the prayer diminishes.

Invalidation of Salaat(that requires repeating the entire prayer)


  • Talking deliberately, or to do any acts outside the movements of prayer.
  • Laughing, eating & drinking (residual food in the mouth).
  • To significantly shift direction from the Ka’bah during the prayer.


From the link you can download couple important books of Salaat as like Muhammad Nashirudin al-Albani, flash file which will show you step by step prayer video tutorial, doc and guide book. 


Download Link: Download


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Perform the 5 mandatory prayers a day (Al-Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Mughrib & Isha). Allah does not need one's prayer because He is free of all needs. Prayer is for our immeasurable benefit, and the blessings are beyond all imagination.

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