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    Zakat Automatic Home Page - Automatic Zakat

    Automatic Zakat is the website dedicated to providing Muslim employees of companies, government, and military, information on Islamic Charities that participate in payroll deduction. In this way you can pay Zakah as you work, have it withdrawn from your paycheck automatically, before you receive your pay.

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    Sri Lankan Muslim community

    Sri Lanka’s number one internet source for presenting Islamic content is now online at The site features live lecture streaming, jummah schedules and event listings with fresh content being uploaded daily. Visitors are also able to access a publication repository, listen to and download lectures in addition to viewing current interest Islamic & informational articles, job postings, halal updates, obituary notices and much more. The launch of is aimed at establishing a one-stop and interactive portal for Sri Lankan Muslims globally who will now have access to up-to-date community information and updates on Islamic events in one click. is founded and run by a dedicated crew whose intention is to spread knowledge and serve the community while inviting them towards goodness. The team regularly organizes Islamic lectures featuring prominent scholars from Sri Lanka and abroad amongst other Islamic societal activities.

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    The Five Pillars of Islam

    Basic Five Pillars of Islam Belief,Prayer,Zakat,Fasting and Haj.This is to give insight to the pillars on which the Islamic religion is based,also interesting articules and videos.Read more

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    Part 1 | কেন দুঃখ কষ্ট?

    আল্লাহ কেন এরকম করলো? আল্লাহ থাকতে এসব হয় কিভাবে? পর্ব ১

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    Selected Surah from Quran | কুর‘আন-সুন্নাহ্‌ থেকে নির্বাচিত দো‘আ সমূহ

    কুর‘আন-সুন্নাহ্‌ থেকে নির্বাচিত দো‘আ সমূহ

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